Two Suspects deprived​ of Freedom for illegal Trade in Weapons and Explosives

Acting on the order of a prosecutor from the Terrorism Section of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, SIPA police officers deprived two more suspects of their freedom during the continuation of the yesterday’s operation.

After interviewing the suspects, the case prosecutor will send a motion to the Court of BiH to order the four suspects into custody.

Also, during the searches, a certain amount of weapons, explosives and mines was found and seized.

According to the evidence gathered, the suspects, who had previously been linked to radicalised persons, procured a certain amount of weapons and explosives, the acquisition and possession of which are not allowed to citizens at all, with an intention to smuggle them to EU countries where they would be used for carrying out criminogenic activities.

The custody measure has been proposed because there is a risk that the suspects could flee, they could obstruct the investigation, conceal evidence, and influence witnesses or accomplices, as well as that they could commit a crime again or complete the one they have started. Also, custody is proposed due to the circumstances surrounding the criminal offences, where the stay of the suspects at large could cause disturbance to the public and citizens.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina is continuing its intensive work on this case.

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