Two Strong Earthquakes hit BiH in only Ten Minutes

The residents of Tuzla, but also the wider region this morning were disturbed by the earthquake that occurred at 7:05 o’clock.

The earthquake epicenter, whose magnitude was 4.2 degrees Richter, was near the Mramor settlement, about 17 kilometers from Tuzla. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers.

The earthquake was felt in Banja Luka too. This earthquake is considered light on the Richter’s scale and it produces shaking of objects in homes, but the damage after these earthquakes is rare.

Ten minutes later, a new earthquake occurred, but much weaker, the European Seismological Center data showed. The epicenter of the second earthquake was 30 kilometers from Tuzla, and its magnitude was 2.6 Richter, Patria News Agency reports.

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