Two People infected with Coronavirus in Bosnia and Herzegovina are in Good Overall Condition



Doctor on duty at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases of the University Clinical Center (UKC) of Republika Srpska entity Olja Cukovic said that father and son infected with coronavirus are in isolation, and that they have no problems and are in good overall condition, pointing out that this health center is ready for the eventual admission of new patients infected with the virus, according to Vijesti.ba news portal.

Cukovic stated that the coronavirus is not a new virus per se, but that a new genotype has emerged that has a slightly higher epidemic potential, and therefore has spread throughout the world.

“There are many people who are in contact with the infected, but not all of them are seriously ill. The people should monitor the condition and if they do not have problems and the temperature should not panic,” she told ATV. She added that if problems arise, citizens should contact their family physician by phone who will contact the competent epidemiologists and they will give further instructions.

Cukovic emphasized that preventive measures are washing hands and sneezing into a handkerchief, which should then be thrown in the trash to protect the environment. According to her, UKC RS has prepared three rooms to isolate infected patients.

“The entrance to the rooms is from the outside and thus patients who need to be placed in isolation will not endanger other patients who are at the Infectious Diseases Clinic,” Cukovic said.



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