Two Ministers discussed Nuclear Waste Landfill that Croatia plans to build near Bosnian Border


Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia-Herzegovina Stasa Kosarac, met with Federal Minister of Environment and Tourism, Edita Dapo to discuss the issue of the construction of a nuclear and radioactive waste landfill at the site of Trgovska Gora in Croatia, on the border with Bosnia.

Minister Kosarac reiterated that this issue is one of the key priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, and that they will invest every effort possible to reach a solution in the interest of all Bosnian citizens in dialogue with Croatia.

Kosarac emphasized that it is necessary for all levels of government in Bosnia to be involved in this issue, jointly plan the future activities, and expressed full readiness for the Ministry to coordinate the policies with other levels of government in order to prevent the construction of a disputed landfill at the border with Bosnia.

For her part, Dapo said that there is a unified stance in Bosnia that the construction of a nuclear waste landfill at the said location was unacceptable, and supported Minister Kosarac’s current and planned activities on this issue.

They also discussed the possibility that the budget proposal of the Bosnian institutions should incorporate the formation of a legal and expert team that would represent Bosnian interests in possible international arbitration with Croatia.

Both interlocutors agreed about the acquired environmental permits and standards regarding the construction of the Block 7 of the Tuzla Thermal Power Plant.


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