Two Million People in only 24 Hours have seen it! Take a Look at Tijesno Canyon Video!

January 14, 2019 11:00 AM

National Geographic has released a new video about BiH on their official Facebook page, a video about one of a kind adrenaline entertainment that took place over Tijesno canyon, lying on loungers at 200 meters above the canyon of Vrbas river. 19 people participated in this project, and 80-meter long deck loungers designed by Ticket To The Moon company. Deck chairs are five meters long and are made to hold the participants.

The bravest ones enjoyed this adrenaline rush but relaxing party for four hours.

This took place two years ago within the festival “Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival” organized by the Climbing Club Extreme from Banja Luka.

Main features of the canyon of the Vrbas river, located only 12 kilometres from the city centre, are clean water – category 2 water, a rich diversity of flora and fauna, cultural and historical monuments as well as natural rarities because of which it is protected by the Decision of the Institute for Protection of Monuments and Culture SR BIH issued in 1955.

Making its way through limestone areas for centuries, the Vrbas river has been making for centuries the unique landscape which inspires even the most demanding visitors.

The Vrbas canyon is characterized by a rich diversity of flora and fauna, cultural and historical monuments as well as natural rarities.

Because of its waterfalls, cascades, steep rocks, springs, caves, cultural and historical monuments, and abundant biodiversity and with very good traffic communication, the Vrbas canyon is an excellent place for the development of ecotourism, fishing and picnic tourism, Banja Luka tourism reports.



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