Two Migrants severely Injured in Fight in Tuzla

Two migrants from Pakistan were injured last night ina fight involving several persons that happened near the Main Bus Station in Tuzla, was confirmed from the Tuzla Cantonal Ministry of Interior Operations Center to Federal News Agency.

According to the officer, A. A. (2000) was found severely injured in the abdomen with a sharp object, while another injured person, W. T. (1997), also had injuries with a sharp object.

Over 10,000 migrants and refugees are in Bosnia now, of whom only 160 have requested asylum according to government figures.

Bosnian Security Minister Dragan Mektic has said that, as of Tuesday, there were 10,555 migrants registered in the country. He added that only 160 of them had requested asylum.

The minister was quoted by the media as saying that the Bosnian authorities are introducing rules for migrants to comply with since they do not have the right to disturb the normal life and functioning of local communities. ”For all those that arrive,” Mektic said, ”we have the duty to provide full protection and humanitarian treatment but also to draw up rules of behavior.”

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