Two Hundred Residential Buildings flooded in Prijedor

As a result of intense rainfall, there was a sharp rise in the levels of water leveling of the Milosevica and Puharska River in Prijedor and some 200 residential buildings are flooded.

At the session of the City Staff for Emergency Situations on Sunday evening, the first degree of flood protection was declared in the area of Prijedor, due to the endangerment of a significant number of flood facilities in the villages of Topolik, Vrbica, Donji Orlovci, Raskovac, Cejreci, Puharska and others.

It was asked from the Territorial Fire Department and other security and rescue subjects, to take rescue measures in flood risk areas.

Also, it was asked from them all to assist in cases of the evacuation of population and animals.

In addition, it was asked the needed mechanism and staffing who will set up sandbags to prevent the penetration of flood waters into residential buildings in flooded areas.


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