Twenty Year Anniversary of Jozo Leutar Death marked in Sarajevo

The anniversary of twenty years after the death of Deputy of Federal Minister of Interior Jozo Leutar was marked on Friday in Sarajevo.

In memory of the work of Leutar, police unit of the Federal Police Administration laid the wreath on a memorial located in the place of suffering in Alipasina Street in Sarajevo.

And this year, the memory of Leutar was marked at 07.45 am, at the time of his suffering, according to a statement.

Jozo Leutar, born in Livno on 23rd September 1953, is a Croatian Bosnian-Herzegovinian politician, Deputy Interior Minister of the Federation of BiH, one of the founders of the Croatian Association of Herceg-Bosna in 1997.

Leutar died of wounds after a political assassination was carried out in March 1999.

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