Twenty BiH’s Micro Enterprises presented their Ideas

20 BiH micro enterprises and start-ups gathered during three days interactive marketing sessions taking place in Teslic from 2 – 4 September, as part of the EU’s #EUandMe initiative to discuss how to upskill in digital marketing.

Engaging presenters from regionally renowned marketing agencies generously shared with participants the tricks of the trade in digital marketing, social media and web development and analytics with participants.

“We all know that, unlike big corporations, micro and start-up companies do not have the capacity to sustain market-driven transformation and adapt to the market realities of related skills development and that they need assistance to upscale their businesses,” explained one of the presenters Mirjana Vladisavljevic. “People generally underestimate opportunities that social media offers to businesses and these workshops are an excellent opportunity to familiarize them with all the tools and functions that the most popular social media platforms offer to both enterprises and citizens and it would be such a waste of this potential not to use it.”

Having gone through tailored presentations and demonstrations of all aspects of digital marketing, from technical CEO and PPC to identifying the right audiences, branding and analytics the attendees worked on preparing presentations of their own businesses and products and services. Following the sessions packed with exchange of questions, amazing ideas and experiences the attendees presented their business pitches to expert panel. Although all of them deserved to be supported the panel members had to select the best ones to receive a free social media campaign.

Follow to see how Imaginarium Studio BAMBA Bubble Socks Reset Cold Pressed Bastan KLOKO nosiljke za bebe will use their awards to increase their social media presence, reach new partners and customers and improve their businesses performance in their upcoming social media campaigns during next months.

This initiative is part of the EU`s efforts to improve digital literacy as an essential part of its Digital Agenda for Western Balkans and development of a truly inclusive digital society in Europe to fully reap the benefits of growing globalised market and reinforce competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises that underpin the European economy.

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