Twelve Remains of Bosniak Victims found, Investigators did not find other Mass Graves

Exhumation at the Lokvice 1 site below Golo Brdo on Igman Mountain was completed, and 12 complete remains of bodies were exhumed from the found mass grave. Although some of the locations near this new mass grave were being investigated, no further excavations were discovered, and further action was suspended at this location. As it has been confirmed to Patria News Agency, new data is now being collected and investigations are carried out to find the other missing persons.

A spokeswoman for the Missing Persons Institute of BiH Emza Fazlic told Patria that it was a primary mass grave where Bosniak victims of Donji Hadzici were found.

“Judging by traces at the scene of the crime, they were tried and liquidated while trying to escape over the Igman Mountain to the free territory under the control of Army of Republic of BIH in the summer of 1992. Some of the victims legs were tied with military belt,” Fazlic said.

Searching for truth about the fate of these people who left for free territory in July 1992, was unsuccessful for years, said Ferida Nisic, the secretary of the Association for the search of the captured and missing persons of the Hadzici municipality.

A joint search for mass graves was conducted involving the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ), the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), investigators of the Institute of Missing Persons (INO) of BiH.

After the exhumation, the remains will be handed over to further judicial-medical treatment, analysis and identification of the identity through the DNA sample.

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