Twelfth Race for the Cure gathered more than 9,000 Participants in Sarajevo


The Twelfth Race / Walk for the Cure gathered in Sarajevo on Sunday more than 9,000 participants from 70 Bosnian cities and towns, making Bosnia and Herzegovina part of an international network of races aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer and women’s health and point to the need for regular check-ups.

The event is organized by “Think Pink – We Are Together One” and all the proceeds from the registrations will be spent for free mammograms in rural parts of the country and first-aid packages for every newly operated woman in BiH.

The Race for the Cure takes place in more than 150 cities around the world, where about one million people walk / run every year to improve women’s health.

Nela Hasic, regional director of Think Pink – Together We are One, confirmed for Federal News Agency that around 100 buses arrived in Sarajevo, with women from Krajina, Brcko District, Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and the entire Federation of BiH arriving, with a record number of participants this year.

“The whole of BiH is here, and the participants are part of Europe because at the moment there are Race for Cure events in 15 European cities,” Hasc explained, adding that similar events have been launched this year in many other cities in Europe.

The Race for the Cure is the world’s largest walking and running event in the fight against breast cancer. After losing her sister to breast cancer, Nancy G. Brinker founded the American breast cancer organisation Susan G. Komen. In 1983, the first Race for the Cure in Dallas welcomed 800 participants. An unexpected success! Nowadays, 1 million people gather in over 140 cities around the world to celebrate life and honour those who lost their lives due to the disease.

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