Tuzla to become a real Summer Destination?

August 25, 2017 11:30 AM

The City Council of the city of Tuzla should decide on the establishment of the tourist community at the end of August.

“We made a real tourist boom this summer. It is the synergy of Pannonian lakes, the historic core of the city and the International Airport of Tuzla. The establishment of a tourist community is a new step in the development of tourism in Tuzla, which is the best summer tourist destination in BiH,” said Mayor of Tuzla, Jasmin Imamovic.

“For the beginning, we are planning for the tourist community to employ two people, who would be exclusively administrative workers. We are planning the headquarters in Turalibegova Street, which is the city center, in the business premises that are managed by the city of Tuzla,” said Vedran Lakic, the Head of the Department of Economic Development and Social Affairs.

The figures for the first six months of this year are showing that tourism in city Tuzla and Canton has a good prospect. In the first half of the year of 2017, Canton Tuzla was visited by a total of 20,220 tourists, who realized 52,701 overnight stays, and half of these overnight stays were realized in the city of Tuzla, according to the Tourist Community of Canton Tuzla.

Tourists are mostly attracted to the Pannonian Lakes in Tuzla, which recorded a total of 305,000 sold tickets. If this number is added to visitors who have season tickets, the number of visitors exceeds 350,000. A record visit was recorded back in 2015 when a total of 378,000 people visited Pannonian Lakes, but ticket prices were then cheaper so that the year of 2017 will be a record one for Panonica for sure.

So far, the entire Canton Tuzla was making about 23 million BAM a year. It will be interesting to see what the numbers will show at the end of this season. The long-term goal of the Tourist Community of TC is 50 million BAM a year, and most of it refers to Tuzla.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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