Turnout in Doboj Elections is 47 Percent

The turnout in the repeated elections in Doboj by 4 pm is 47%, the City Election Commission announced today. The turnout was seven percent lower than the annulled elections on November 15, when turnout was 54 percent.

GIK President Nenad Paleksic told reporters that this was expected. He stated that the highest turnout is in rural areas, where 54 percent of voters voted, while in the city it is around 43 percent. According to him, the GIK received three complaints from political entities regarding the help of another person, and the voting process is much more serious due to the presence of the supervisor of the Central Election Commission of BiH.

Paleksic stated that the election process was taking place without incident, and added that two observers who were in an alcoholic state were removed from two polling stations.

85 political entities were registered for the repeated local elections, and 50,615 voters have the right to vote at 89 polling stations, except for those who voted in the elections in November via a mobile team.

Citizens will choose the mayor between SDS candidate Cvijan Filipovic, SNSD candidate Boris Jerinic and SP candidate Srdjan Todorovic.

85 political entities are participating in the elections.

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