Turkish “Gimas” Interested in Building Cement Plants in Gacko

Representatives of the Turkish company “GIMAS” and the mayor of municipality Gacko, together with associated held a meeting on Wednesday regarding the possibility of building a cement factory here.

Representatives of the company Enel, Alfa Motor and doctor of geology Boško Vuković attended the meeting.

Municipality Gacko, in additional to large reserves of coal and energy production, also has significant reserves of limestone, clay and marl as the basic raw material for cement production.

Taking in account that the RS does not produce cement, it was seen as a logical idea to construct a cement plant with a certain capacity, which would be realized within the next several years.

In order to realize the project, it is necessary to consider all the necessary parameters of raw materials, their quality and stock, energy, technology, market and economic possibility of such a production.

‘’All our cement plants are ecologically clean. We call them green cement plants. The time it would take for the construction of such a cement plant is 26 months’’, said Bekir Girgin, the Director of “Gimas”

At the end of the meeting, the Mayor of Gacko Milan Radmilović went to visit the site of mines and landfills with his guests.

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