Travnik will host an unusual Event: Slakline balance on Rope!

Travnik will host an unusual event in the period from 07th to 08th June, during which several interesting events will be held on the occasion of popularizing the attractive slackline sports discipline in this area.

Slackline, that is, the balance on the rope, has recently become popular in BiH as well, and instead of walking on the tire between two woods, the bravest ones for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Travnik will walk between two buildings 25 meters in height and 50 meters in length.

The adrenaline program will begin on Friday, June 7th at 18:00 o’clock, on Erika Brandis Street, and all visitors will have the opportunity to look at the unique skill of renewed slackline masters from the Slacknetz Leipzig Society from Germany.

Also, all those who want to experience all the magic of walking on the elastic band will be able to participate in a workshop that will be held the same day in the park at Travnik Municipality starting at 14:00 o’clock, news portal reports.

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