Train Accident occurred between Cities of Doboj and Banja Luka

Last night, at 21:11 o’clock on the part of the railroad between the Snjegotina and Josavka, the passenger train of the Republika Srpska Railways, which was heading from Doboj to Banja Luka line, ran into a big snowdrift, after which locomotive jumped out of the track, was reported by the Railways of Republika Srpska.

The engine driver was severely injured in the accident, and one passenger was lightly injured.

“The injured driver was immediately transported to the Clinical Center in Banja Luka, where the head and face injuries were confirmed, after which he undertook the face operation.”

Members of the Republika Srpska Ministry of the Interior, the Extraordinary Events Commission of the Republika Srpska Railways, as well as others, immediately started to work intensively on removing over 50 cubic meters of snow, News Agency Partia reported.

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