Traditional Craftsmanship is perspective, but Love is Key for Success

November 3, 2017 3:30 PM

An open door day was organized today in the town hall of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo with the aim of promoting traditional crafts and encouraging young people to more actively deal with them, while craftsmen and entrepreneurs from the area old crafts from Bascarsija, as well as professors from the mentioned fields told 9th grade students from the Old Town talked about crafts and their love towards them.

Chairman of the Municipal Council Jusuf Pusina said that their goal is to make information on crafts in BiH accessible and to show their value and quality in elementary and secondary schools.

“In this way, we will achieve a decrease in the number of unemployed people, we will return the economy to the tracks that are needed for it, and at the same time we will direct the education system to the deficit areas. Of course, this does not have competition in the industrial sense of the word, but the manual creation of each item has a manifold value compared to what is done in industrial plants and thus enable our children to have greater creativity, greater mobility, profits from which they will be able to live, but also personal satisfaction,” Pusina said.

He also pointed out that by reaffirmation of old crafts, he wants to stimulate the love that is necessary, because every job that is done with love offers a much better result than a job that is imposed.

The lectures were held today by the president of the Chamber of Arts of Canton Sarajevo. Naser Idrizagic, orientalist and calligrapher Hazim Numanagic, a graduate student at the Sculpture Department at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nermina Alic, a graduate architect, goldsmith and philharmonicist Tarik Musakadic, orientalist and blacksmith Alija Ibrovic, entrepreneur in the field of making sweets according to traditional recipes Vedad Nemcevic and others.

One of the participants was Adnan Jusic, who is engaged in sheet metal work in Bascarsija. He said that crafts are no longer what they used to be, that they no longer run away from them, and that the practice of crafts is actually very promising.

“The craftsman’s craft is profitable, like all other crafts, and he lives a normal life, a middle-class life, and we need to present this to children. You cannot enrich yourself with crafts, but you can go for a summer vacation, go on a winter trip and drive a normal car,” said Jusic and added that, like most craftsmen, he would very much like to have a student for training in order to study the tin craft.



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