Traditional Christmas Concert hosted by the Minister of Defense of Bosnia-Herzegovina


The traditional Christmas concert and reception hosted by the Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Marina Pendes, was held at the House of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday.

In the introductory part of the concert, the Minister of Defense Marina Pendes and the Military Bishop of BiH Msgr. Tomo Vuksic wished all members of the Catholic religion a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year 2020 to all those present.

“Saying goodbye to a difficult but challenging year for the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Bosnia- Herzegovina, we are open-heartedly looking forward to Christmas. We do this with the belief that the spirit of understanding and sharing will help us, together with our neighbors and in the new 2020, to overcome the old and ready to face the new challenges ahead, ”said Minister Pendes.

“Working for the benefit of life and man, respecting what distinguishes us but also what unites us, we cannot lose faith and hope in the path of peace and a better future,” the military bishop of Msgr stated in his address, adding that we are all creatures of the one God, and we are brothers and sisters among ourselves.

The Military Music Orchestra, conducted by Filip Milosevic and Colonel Tomislav Susac, performed with the choir “Fra Nenad Dujić” led by choir Fr. Emanuel Josić and soloist Lucija Zovko.

The official concert and commemorative gathering were attended by Speaker of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and Speaker of the Croatian National Assembly Dragan Covic, Deputy Speaker of the BiH Parliamentary House of Representatives Borjan Kristo, Federation of BiH President Marinko Cavara, ministers and deputy ministers in the BiH Council of Ministers, including Vjekoslav Bevanda and Mijo Kresic, Sasa Dalipagic, Parliamentary Military Commissioner Bosko Siljegovic and other representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly and political representatives in BiH. The concert was also attended by the military bishop in BiH, Msgr. Tomo Vuksic, Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH Sead Jusic, Chief of the Joint Staff of the AFBiH, Lieutenant General Senad Masovic, NATO Commander Sarajevo Brigadier General William Edwards and EUFOR BiH Commander Major General Reinhard Trischak



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