Touristic Attraction “Green Islands” in Bosanska Krupa


Rafting on beautiful Una River, boat rides on Una River and Krusnica River and mountain cycling are just some of the contents that are offered by amusement park “Green Islands” in Bosanska Krupa.

It is led by group of enthusiasts, young people, who believe in future in their homeland. Everything started as an idea of two young men, Dino Zjakic and Dino Beslagic, and now it is a project that makes revenue and promotes natural beauties of BiH.

“Location of “Green Islands” is very specific because it is in the city center and on the so called green islands (Male ade). They are actually eight river islands that are connected with wooden bridges and walking trails with benches. There are additional contents on those river islands, including outdoor gym, beach volleyball court, football etc. We have two summer bars as well. This is a meeting point during the summer period. All people from Bosanska Krupa come here to swim in Una River. This site is some kind of version of Central Park of Bosanska Krupa,” stated Dino Zjakic.

He also added that they have their info stand at that location.

“We offer rafting through the canyon of Una River and mountain cycling, since we are town located at the bottom of Grmec Mountain and it is surrounded by numerous hills. We also offer boat ride on Una River, as well as on Krusnica River, which is short river of 6 kilometers, but has all characteristics of large river with great spring. It is rich in oxygen. There are numerous contents in our summer bar such as trampolines, table tennis, chessboards, ludo, etc.” stated Zjakic.

He says that when it comes to prices of their services, they are affordable.

Zjakic also added that 15 young people are involved in this business project.

“This is seasonal work for now, but we will make effort to make it last throughout the whole year in the future period. But we are going step by step. Many people thought that this is just a story, but our friends and parents recognized it. We did not want to go abroad, but start something here. This is our future. Season already started at “Green Islands” and we would like to invite citizens of BiH, as well as tourists from all around the world, to come here since they will not regret it for sure,” concluded Zjakic.


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