Tourism in Northern BiH to be destroyed by Construction of Nuclear Waste Disposal by Croatia

Minister of Economy in the Una-Sana Canton Government (USC) Nijaz Kadiric warned how the multiple negative impacts that the possible construction of radioactive waste disposal site by Croatia just on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) could have on tourism in the canton, Fena reports.

After the public debate on the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Tourism in the USC, Kadiric said that many are very interested to express their views, especially regarding the previously mentioned problem, the announced construction of a nuclear radioactive waste disposal site in Trgovska Gora.

“Citizens are becoming ever louder about it, saying that all of this has become a nightmare and that it is unacceptable for the nuclear disposal site to be at that location,” says Kadiric.

“We must not forget that in the USC area we have protected natural areas that we need to cherish and guard, that we have unprecedented natural beauties, but also multiple events of an international and traditional character that ensure the building of a positive image for which we are working very hard to achieve and maintain,” Kadiric stated.

He concluded by saying that tourism in this region would definitely be compromised and can be completely destroyed by the construction of the landfill.


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