Total Defeat of BiH Politics: Properties owned by BiH in Croatia are transferred to Private Hands!

February 4, 2019 8:00 PM

The properties owned by Bosnia and Herzegovina located in Croatia are definitely transferred into private hands! The State Property Ministry of Croatia has announced the results of the 15 rental real estate advertisements, nine of which are owned by BiH companies, news portal reports.

Real estate lease agreements will soon be signed in Gradac, on the Makarska Riviera, which will be leased in the next 30 years, and over 1 million BAM annually will be put in the Croatian budget from the lease.

How much have  properties owned by BiH have caused interest, shows the fact that there are 362 offers.The biggest demand was for the former “Valter Peric” resort, where workers of “Elektroprivreda BiH” were once going to vacation.

Of the 65 offers, it was accepted the one in the amount of HRK 250,150 or 67,608 BAM and the initial amount was only HRK 7,360, ie KM 1,989 BAM.

The most valuable bidder was company “Valjak”, one of the owners Stjepan Milišić, who has a hotel “Marco Polo” in Gradac.

For the former “Duro Salaj” holiday resort, where numerous generations of workers’ families from BiH had vacations, 16 offers were received and 455,555 kuna or 123,122 BAM was accepted from the tourist agency “W Touristic” from Dubrovnik. It is a five-story building, just 20 meters from the sea.

The former resort “Trgovci” was given for rent to “Hit Dalmatia” for HRK 272,630 or 73,683 BAM, while Villa “Bosanka” for Pancea Company for 154,986 HRK or 41,888 BAM.

The tourist agency “Pratum” offer in the amount of HRK 273,000 or 73,783 BAM was accepted for the former tourist resort “Saobracajci”, and 14 of the offers received for the “Građevinari” object were not accepted because it was said that the issue of the owner was solved.

The former “H20” holiday home will be rented by the company “Magor” from Krapina for HRK 229,900, or 61,891 BAM, and the former “Mostarci” holiday resort was awarded by the agency “Antodo” for the amount of 321,000 kunas or 86,756 BAM.




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