Top 10 Business News and Events this Week

February 11, 2018 4:45 PM

Firms from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) not only expand production and hire new workers, but their products are increasingly represented and appreciated all over the world. BiznisInfo and ProCredit Bank provide a regular weekly overview of the most important business news and events.


10. Boxmark announced 1.000 new jobs in Tuzla Canton (TC).

The Boxmark company, which already has production facilities in Lukavac, announced new investments in BiH with the aim of opening up to about a thousand of new jobs in TC.

9. A fire truck construction was produced in Zivinice.

These days, works were completed on the production of the first complete construction for a fire truck in Zivinice. It is a plant that was launched last year by Suad Beslic in cooperation with the German company “Lentner GmbH”.

8. Solana strengthens its capacities.

Tuzla Solana has received a new Management Board with Director Bakir Smailagic. The new Management announces the strengthening of the leading position of the largest salt producer in the region.

7. Success of Violeta in Croatia.

Three of Violeta’s products (company from Grude) were chosen among the most popular in Croatia. They were chosen at the great annual selection of the RTL web portal “”.

6. Artisan furniture in Paris Starbucks.

The furniture from the company Artisan from Tesanj found itself in one of the most beautiful Starbucks shops in the world, in the center of Paris. Artisan usually sells the furniture around the world.

5. 2 million BAM investment in Trnovo.

By the first of May, Trnovo will get a factory for production of bottled water. This is an investment of 2 million BAM from the company “Ruding” from Istocno Sarajevo, and the products are mainly intended for export.

4. Mercator sells shopping malls in BiH.

Mercator started the so-called monetization process of large shopping malls by a fast process at the level of the whole group, by using a method “sell and rent”. This means selling the largest shopping malls in BiH – in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tuzla.

3. VIG bought Merkur insurance.

Austrian Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) bought Merkur’s insurance for 25.4 million BAM. The transaction was reported on Friday at the Sarajevo Stock Exchange.

2. Bingo took over Tuzla Kiseljak.

Company Bingo took over Tuzla kiseljak, which was owned by Pivara Tuzla. Bingo thus continues to expand in the manufacturing sector.

1.  Energopetrol increased its capital by 131 million BAM.

The capital of Energopetrol increased by 131 million BAM after successful issuance of new shares. 10.480.000 shares were issued at a price of 12.50 BAM.




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