Top 10 Business Events in the last Week

January 30, 2018 4:15 PM

The last week was marked by several interesting news about the successes of companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), one of whom was positioned as a serious European player. A regular review of the most important business news and events in the past week is presented here:

10. Construction of the road to Neum begins

A contract for the construction of the Neum – Stolac road section was signed in Sarajevo. This road should finally solve the problem of unobstructed access to the only BH town by the sea.

9. Significant turnover of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange

On Wednesday, the Sarajevo Stock Exchange had significant turnover in the amount of 1.350.000 shares of Privredna banka Sarajevo and UNIS Sarajevo with 1.288.360 BAM. The day later, it was traded with the shares of Solana with 60.000 BAM, and on Friday the share in Herbos-Kapital was sold for about half a million BAM.

8. Business venture in Foca

Foca will officially get its first brewery this year, run by local entrepreneurs. This news is not so important from the point of view of investment, because it is probably not large, but it should be praised as an example of a rare business venture in the area of great unemployment.

7. Robot announced a new expansion

The Robot merchandise chain has announced the expansion of the network. The firm has called for the purchase of real estates throughout BiH for the construction of its facilities, needed for “expanding activities and sales capacities, employing of residents and contributing to the development of the economic situation.

6. Brilliant results of Hifa Oil subsidiaries

The company Hifa Oil is expanding in other fields besides oil trading. Its subsidiary, the Euro-metali company, announced this week that it had grown by 35 percent in 2017, after buying a Slovenian company Mersteel in BiH. Big progress was also made by the company LB.Profile GmbH , a German giant who was also part of the Hifa Oil acquisition.

5. Growth of economic activity of BiH in 2018

The famous French insurance and analytical house Coface estimates that economic activity in BiH will continue with modest growth in this year. Export, tourism, retail and remittances from abroad will rise, but private investments will remain modest, and the political situation will not improve.

4. Record value of export and import

The BiH Agency for Statistics has released data on export and import values ​​in 2017. Export and import had record values, but also record deficit. It has been analyzed what was the distribution by entities, and concluded that economic activity and spending are higher in the Federation of BiH, which recorded a large deficit.

3. The company from Maglaj works for the world giants

The company ADV PAX Lutec from Maglaj, which began with the work in the middle of last year, delivered the first series of products to the German retail giant Aldi. The company produces canned boxes and packaging, and will also work for companies such as Nestle, Dr. Oetker , Lindt, Bosch, Siemens…

2. Domestic merchants dominate the market

The world’s leading market research firm, Euromonitor, has published an annual analysis of the retail market in BiH. It is concluded that domestic merchandise chains have taken on a leading role, and that 7 of the 10 dominant chains have domestic capital.

1. Large Prevent acquisition

Prevent group bought the German company Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH, and thus position itself as one of the most serious European manufacturers of parts for the automotive industry. The price is not known, but the German business media published some informal information.




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