Positive Story: Tons of Clothes disposed in Humanitarian Containers

humanitarian action hadzciIn the courtyard of the High school center in Hadzici, in November 2013, humanitarian containers to which citizens can dispose clothing and shoes for social vulnerable persons, were set.

Professor of the High school center Hadzici, Jasmina Pezo, together with students who designed this project which has been approved by the Chief of the Municipality Hadzici, Hamdo Ejubovic.

“This is the first such project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Municipality Hadzici was a financial supporter and donated us 2.000 BAM for making  containers“, said Misim Gegic, the director of the High School Center Hadzici.

The response of citizens is very good. Until now, they collected tons of clothing which they divided to social vulnerable families at the area of municipality Hadzici, but also to families and associations in other BH cities. Also, citizens are donating a material required for school, such as panels that can be used by students of Textile school.

Director and students invite all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the humanitarian action. Also, if you know someone who needs help, you can contact director of the school or contact the redaction of website Faktor.ba in order to organize help for those who really need it.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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