Today is 26th Anniversary of the Murder of Bosniaks in Ahmici Village

With the “Way of Truth and Remembrance”, the marking will start of the 26th anniversary of the murder of 116 Bosniak civilians in the village of Ahmici near Vitez, who were killed in 1993 by members of the Croatian HVO.

“We expect about 700 participants from numerous cities in BiH, including people from Srebrenica. We want to cross with dignity a way from Vitez to Ahmici to remind ourselves of all the victims, from three months old Sejo, to the 82-year-old man,”was stated for Fena by a member of the Organizing Committee Mujo Trako.

In addition to commemoration and religious ceremonies, which will be held today in Old Vitez cemetary, while the memorial service in Ahmici, and with flowers ceremony for respect of the victims.

The Ahmici massacre was the culmination of the Lašva Valley ethnic cleansing committed by the Croatian Community of Herceg-Bosna’s political and military leadership on Bosnian Muslim civilians during the Bosnian War in April 1993.

The massacre of the Ahmici was the biggest massacre committed during the war between Croats and the Bosnian government (dominated by Bosniaks). The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague ruled that these crimes were crimes against humanity in numerous charges against Croat political and military leaders and soldiers. In particular, Dario Kordić, political leader of Croats in Central Bosnia was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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