To suspend Payments to State Parliamentarians as long as the Country’s Legislature’s is blocked

A representative of Democratic Action Party (SDA) in the House of Representatives of BiH Parliamentary Assembly Semsudin Mehmedovic has sent an initiative requesting state parliamentarians to suspend payment payments as long as the country’s legislature’s work is blocked.

Mehmedovic filed an initiative requesting the amendment of the Decision of the Joint Administrative Commission of both Houses of Parliamentary Assembly of BiH in the sense that MPs, while blocking the work of the House of Representatives, suspend payment of salaries for each month at which no session of the House of Representatives is held and all MPs who do not attend at least one session in the current month.

Parliamentary Assembly of BiH has not yet formed permanent working bodies, ie parliamentary committees. This means that no Joint Administrative Commission has yet been set up to consider Mehmedovic’s initiative.

Such an initiative followed after months of the blockade of the state body of legislative authority. Namely, the House of Representatives of the PSBiH has not held any session since the day of its constitution and has not adopted any act in the public interest.

During all months without work, the state parliamentarians regularly received enormously high salaries and all the other remuneration they belong to in accordance with the Law on Salaries and Remuneration in the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The BiH Parliamentary Assembly is blocked due to the decision of SNSD deputies not to participate in the work of the state legislature until Zoran Tegeltija is appointed as the chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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