Three Policemen help 83 Years old Woman in remote part of Sarajevo during Coronavirus Pandemic



Solidarity – This is the most repeated word during a pandemic of a new coronavirus. This is exactly what three Sarajevo police officers showed.

Armin Karkelja, Nemanja Zdrale and Amer Hasekic are members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sarajevo Canton (MUP KS) who assisted 83-year-old Selima Zametica. She lives in a remote part of Blazuj near Sarajevo. Officers bought and brought her everything that is making her everyday life easier.

This humane act means a lot to a woman who lives alone. She lost her husband 18 years ago. She lost her son two years ago.

The work of Sarajevo police officers is all the more significant at a time when the movement of many is restricted because of COVID-19 and because Zametica cannot go to the store by itself.

As police officers pointed out, the woman started crying after they helped her and because someone had visited her.

“Yes, I have received information that three police officers of the Police Directorate visited Selima Zametica during their stay in Blazuj,” Mirza Hadziabdic from MIAKS Public Relations Department told Radiosarajevo.ba portal.

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