Three Planes scheduled to land at the Sarajevo International Airport


Three planes are scheduled to land at the Sarajevo International Airport (SIA) on Monday, from Istanbul, Budapest and Zagreb, and return flights to those destinations are planned as well, spokeswoman of SIA Sanja Bagaric confirmed to Fena news agency.

Bagaric added that only passengers and employees of the Sarajevo International Airport and employees of other business entities and institutions operating at the airport are allowed to enter the terminal building.

Since the situation with flights is constantly changing, the Sarajevo International Airport has asked the passengers to contact the airline they intend to fly with, that is, the embassies or consulates of the countries to which they are traveling.

“For those who are planning to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, please contact the Border Police of BiH and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Inspection Directorate for any questions regarding the conditions of entry into the country, regarding the measures that are being taken upon entry,” concluded Bagaric.

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