Three Nurses Coronavirus Positive in Sarajevo


The director of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo Sebija Izetbegovic told N1 that at this moment, 15 patients are hospitalized in the isolation ward in Podhrastovi.

 “Fourteen have pneumonia, some moderate, some severe. Only one patient has stomach problems caused by the coronavirus. All patients who are hospitalized have symptoms and they are sick. Everyone who is accommodated is ill and has symptoms, “said Izetbegović, adding that no one is using the respirator.

The fact is, according to Izetbegovic, that in this situation the Podhrastovi isolator is filled much faster than it was last time.

 “And the fact is that people are overly relaxed. There are very few who behave responsibly,” she pointed out.

 She also stated that in the Clinical Center, not one nurse is positive, but three.

 “Two nurses are from the Clinic for General and Abdominal Surgery and they worked together in shifts. All tested contacts in the Clinical Center are negative, so we will not close the clinic at this time. There is no need, these are the instructions of our infectologists and epidemiologists. And the third nurse who is positive is from the Clinic for Neurosurgery, however, she does not come to work at all, she is on vacation, so she could not endanger anyone at the Clinical Center, “Izetbegovic told N1.

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