Three Million BAM for strengthening of the Economy and Employment of Returnees

September 6, 2017 11:30 AM

The Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees of the FBiH, Edin Ramic, signed contracts with legal and natural persons for projects of sustainable return.

These are four projects that will help to strengthen the economy and with the employment of returnees from the entire territory of the FBiH, for which this ministry allocated the amount of about 3 million BAM this year.

“All programs are related to the increase of the quality of life in returnee areas and creating the conditions for sustainable return and development. Conditions for the development of business entities in returnee areas are difficult because most of the investment comes to big cities. So the ministry is trying to support these places and returnees through these programs. We are also hoping that we will manage to increase the number of funds that will be available to businessmen in the upcoming period,” said Minister Ramic.

Besides the Program for Assistance in the performance of Internship, the Program for Recruitment of Returnees in Small Business, and the Program of Investment Support with the Aim of Hiring Returnees, a novelty this year is the Project of Support for Start-up Projects.

They are planning to help around 20 startup projects in 14 municipalities with the grant funds, for which was allocated a total of 182,575 BAM. For continuation of the program of recruitment of returnees in the small economy, this year was allocated a total of 1.343.000 BAM, and they will support 25 projects in 14 municipalities. Last year, this program provided jobs for at least 176 returnees.

Within the Program of Investment Support with the Aim of Hiring Returnees, it is planned to sign contracts with 12 business entities with more than 10 employees. They supported projects of expansion of the capacity of facilities, purchase of machines and equipment in the amount of 1,200,000 BAM, and 86 new workers will be employed for a period of minimum 36 months.



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