Thousand Residents of Banja Luka protested

Organized by several opposition representatives at the National Assembly of Republika Srpska (NSRS), a protest began in the park “Mladen Stojanović” in Banja Luka, where more than 1,000 citizens gathered.

During the protests, Jelena Trivic from PDP submitted requests addressed to the authorities in Banja Luka and Republika Srpska at the gathering in Mladen Stojanovic Park.

The first requirement is to allow Banja Luka citizens to gather in Krajina Square, the second to stop the torture of citizens of Banja Luka, sent to the RS Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the third is for Mayor Igor Radojcic to address the public.

Trivic said the deadline for fulfilling the request was Monday, but that deadline for the second request is immediate.

“My heart is full, not because there are many of us, but because we have dared to take this step, we cannot do without you,” said Trivic.

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