Thirty-Nine Schools in Una Sana Canton to be closed soon?

Of the 74 central and 120 regional schools in the Una-Sana Canton, 39 should be closed and 229 teachers left without work, was stated in the report of the Commission for Assessing the State of Education, formed at the ministry.

The data should soon be found in front of the USC government members who have sought to clearly determine the number of teachers and students in the schools.

Never less pupils and steadily decreasing the number of pupils led to surplus of teachers in schools, but also to the inability to form a department. However, it is evident from the Commission’s report this did not present a problem to numerous directors of educational institutions.

School directors, for years, were hiding the huge surplus of teachers to save jobs. The worst condition is in Sanski Most municipality, where, out of eight schools, only three should be formed.

Almost every day children are leaving schools, because parents make a decision to leave the country.  After the first semester, the schools were left without 673 students, with Cazin and Bihac the most. There are more than 6,000 students less in schools in recent years, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

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