Thirty Manufacturers signed Contracts with Company Carl Kuehne from Germany?

December 15, 2017 11:00 AM

A total of 30 agricultural producers yesterday signed a contract for the production of green peppers, with which they will sell their complete yield to the company “Carl Kuehne” from Germany.

This is about the realization of a program within which will be produced green hot peppers on the surface of 50 dunums in the area of the Municipality of Kakanj.

The German company “Carl Kuehne” has presented its business offer in the past period in Kakanj, and they are offering secure purchase of green hot peppers to every cooperative with whom they signed a contract, and they also offer all the planting and raw material, and the producers will return its value through purchased yield.

The production is taking place on the surface of 1 to 4 dunums, and it is most cost effective to plant a green hot pepper on the surface of two to four dunums, because even more can be earned on larger surfaces.

The harvest of green hot peppers is taking place every 8 to 12 days, and there are eight to ten harvests during the growing period. Potential yield is five to seven tons per dunum and the already agreed purchase price is 0,90 BAM per kilogram.




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