You think you know Everything about BiH? Let’s check your knowledge!

“Kviz BiH (Quiz BiH)” is the first online quiz about BiH, which was presented to the public in BiH.

The quiz, whose aim and purpose is to help children and young people to learn more about BiH, is now available on the Google Play Store and everyone interested can download it on this LINK.

This project had its pre-premiere at the International Congress of IEEE, which was recently held in Sarajevo, when young people who visited Innovation Expo, which is the part of the Congress, showed great interest in it.

Author of this project, the Master of communication science, Amel Duranovic, expressed his gratitude to all donors who recognized this project as a socially useful activity for young people in our country and the diaspora.

He explained how the application works.

“The application has 10 levels and every player has to answer 15 questions. Each question has four answers offered, one of which is the correct one. All players start the game from the first level, where the questions are easier, and in accordance to the correct answers and the time needed for answer, they unlock the following levels, whose questions are more difficult,” stated the author of the application and added that the first phase of the project includes a database with more than 1,000 questions.

Edhem Custovic, the founder of the Foundation “Bosnia & Herzegovina Future Fondation”, noted the need to award projects that are connecting young people and their country.

“Kviz BiH is a great concept in the promoting process of our country, and it enables young people and those older ones to get to know BiH better through an interactive platform such as this mobile application. The application has a large potential to further develop and connect the promotion of various domestic products, services as well as tourism. For example, through the process of learning about the geography of our homeland, we can influence our visitors to wish to visit some location or try some specialty in a certain city etc. This application is a great example of how a good idea combined with enthusiasm, persistence and technology can create something really educational, fun and useful for the entire population and our country,” noted Custovic.

(Source: klix.ba)





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