These are the Prices of Food during War in BiH!

At the very beginning of the war in BiH and the siege of Sarajevo there was a shortage of a large number of products that were used daily in the household.

The remaining supplies of food, beverages, and other items were doubled in price.

This photograph shows the price of food prices in Sarajevo under siege, but there were still few who could buy something for those prices.

Namely, at that time, the average personal income in Sarajevo was 0.74 BAM, and in Zenica 17.66 BAM.

During the war, people could not live without coffee, and it costed almost 93 German marks, and the income almost did not exist. The rescue was a humanitarian package for the citizens.

Lunch packages or other products used in the besieged Sarajevo can be viewed in the premises of the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunnel of Hope and the War Childhood Museum.

Sarajevans mostly remember IKAR cans. IKAR is a product designed and manufactured in Italy, which is one of the projects of the international community with the main aim of helping the population of countries affected by war and similar crisis situations, Radio Sarajevo news portal reports.


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