There is Work for young People who want to work!

September 30, 2015 1:45 PM

studentsThis project presents the stories about the success of young people who decided to take the bit in their own hands and start their own business.

It did not take much – only some incentive funds given by the international or domestic organizations.

With the young for the better future of the young is the title of this short film created by the Institute for youth development KULT with the aim of pointing out to the difficult position of young people in the Federation of B&H, but also to point to the solutions – which are not unreachable and which will be encompassed by the first strategic document for young people that is being created in the FB&H – the Federal strategy for youth.

The adoption of the Strategy for youth, at all levels in the Federation, is conditioned by the Law on Youth of FB&H, whose enactment was initiated by the Institute for youth development KULT and which was adopted in June 2010.

The FB&H is currently in the process of developing the first strategic document for youth in that entity. The process of developing a youth strategy is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport and, by the decision of the Government of FB&H, the Institute for youth development has been appointed for providing expert – consultative support in this process.


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