The Story of an Artist who replaced His native Paris with Sarajevo

  Son of a famous sculptor Mirza Moric from BiH, Hector Moric, has a very strong connection with our country and culture although he was born and raised in Paris, and he considers himself as Bosniak. He came to Sarajevo four years ago with the wish to live in his father’s home, and besides the rhythm of life and natural beauty of our country, he also fell in love with a Bosnian girl from Gorazde.

“We used to listen to Himza Polovina and sevdah music all the time back in Paris, and I was frustrated because I did not know Bosnian language, and thus I decided to learn it. I came from Paris to Sarajevo and I knew that I would stay longer than I first planned. I am not naive, I am well aware of the whole socio-political situations and I do understand why young people are leaving the country, but I have a completely different vision. I was not born here, I did not go through everything you went through, and that is why I am looking at everything with a different perspective,” said Hector.

“My father was more than happy about my decision to return here and promote culture. He is very happy for me. My mother got used to the fact that I am not living with them long time ago. Of course, she misses me like all the mothers do, but that’s just life,” he stated.

“The situation in this country is difficult and I feel very sorry for the young people who cannot make a progress because of the system. I can understand those who are leaving, but we should praise those who decide to stay. It is difficult here, but there are good things too. I am not afraid of work, and I love the rhythm of life here,” he said.

He is delighted with the natural beauty of BiH and the lifestyle of citizens of BiH. Hector noted that he feels here like on his own territory.

“I just love this environment, Bosnian merak, mountains and the pure nature, and I love people too. I find half of them annoying because of their conservatism and strange mentality, but the other half is much more open than people from Western countries. People preserved tradition and some beautiful things, and they live sevdah every day. That is simply incredible,” concluded Hector.

(Source: Elma Ljubcic/Klix.ba)



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