The Solution for the Sejdić-Finci Case

Leaders of the SNSD, SDS, HDZ 1990, HDZ B&H, SDP B&H and SBB could verify the new parliamentary majority on their meeting in Mostar, where they will discuss the treaty of SNSD and SDP and the proposal to implement the decision of the European Court for human rights in the Sejdi-Finci case.

The president of the SDS political party Mladen Bosić expects several questions to be cleared, and above all, to inspect whether there is a new parliamentary majority, or a reconstruction of an existing one. Bosić considers that the agenda should also enlist the story about Republika Srpska having four ministerial posts in the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and also adds how the resolution of the Sejdić- Finci case could be achievable, because it is a long strain for B&H.

In SNSD political party they emphasize the importance of the way in which the new parliamentary majorities will function, but also how it will approach the realization of the treaty between SNSD and SDP.

The president of HDZ B&H Dragan Čović said he was confident that this meeting will give momentum to the next two years, so that the government can operate normally. On their meeting on Monday, both Bosić and Čović expressed their wish to implement the decision of the European Court for human rights, but only under the condition that no nation will choose other nations’ representatives in the House of Peoples or in the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The leader of HDZ 1990, Božo Ljubić said that he will, as the host of the meeting suggest to the agenda the fulfillment of conditions for progress towards the European Union with special emphasis on the Sejdić-Finci case.

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