The Quint risks Chaos in Bosnia-Herzegovina if it does not respond to the Conclusions of the Republika Srpska National Assembly


Former High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling said in an interview with Klix.ba news portal that the ambassadors of the Quint countries, namely the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Italy, should immediately sit down and take appropriate action against the conclusions of the Republika Srpska National Assembly voted last night.

Schwarz-Schilling says that the international community led by these countries should react immediately.

“I think a decisive and effective response is finally needed. I have always warned that Dodik is serious about what he is saying and that it cannot be taken for granted. These NSRS conclusions are the result of not reacting earlier when Dodik came to some similar conclusions, “this German politician explained.

He explicitly claims that the new conclusions derogate from the state and the Constitution of BiH. Asked what the reaction of the international community would look like, Schwarz-Schilling said the mechanisms were known. “America has already demonstrated how it goes by imposing sanctions on Dodik who is on the blacklist.

Unfortunately, the EU is letting it do what he wants. But now it is really to be expected that it will stand firmly against the RS, according to the NSRS they cannot be tolerated as such. Otherwise, they will have chaos with even more dangerous developments in BiH, “says Schwarz-Schilling.

As he states, the OHR, legally speaking, can respond alone, but given the circumstances and developments, the PIC Steering Board should do so.

Last night, the NSRS adopted conclusions that, among other things, obliges RS representatives in the BiH institutions to suspend any decision in BiH until the adoption of the Law on the Termination of the Foreign Judges’ Mandate and the Election of Domestic Judges in the Constitutional Court of BiH and its entry into force. Also, they oblige all RS institutions not to accept and implement any future anti-Dayton and undemocratic decisions of the High Representative and the Constitutional Court of BiH.




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