The Prosecution requests Prohibitive Measures for Orić, the Defense denied the Witness Statements

June 30, 2015 12:30 PM

Naser Orić at the Court

At today’s hearing in the Court of B&H, the Prosecution proposed prohibitive measures for Naser Orić in the forms of: restriction of movement within the Sarajevo Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton, temporary withdrawal of passport, as well as the regular reporting to the Police Station Centre in Sarajevo.

The Prosecutor, Miroslav Janjić, stated that Orić is being charged for crimes committed in the village of Zalažje on the 8th of June, 1992 and the 12th of July 1992, when he was the Srebrenica Commanding Officer, during which civilians of Serbian nationality were killed.

In the explanation of the request for custody, Janjić stated that there is sufficient risk that Orić will leave the country and that he might influence witnesses.

“This reasonable doubt is based on the testimonies of witnesses, which are familiar to the court, and testimonies of family members of victims of the mentioned events. The proof that these events really occurred are the battle diaries and diaries of some of the members of the Army of B&H,” said Janjić.

The Defense of the Srebrenica Commanding Officer, Naser Orić, represented by Edina Rešidović, said that there was no evidence to support any reasonable doubt since the Prosecution statements are based on the statements of witnesses who are either in no mental condition to do so, as is the case of one of the witnesses, or are not direct witnesses of the events that Orić is charged for.

“Not a single act directly committed by the suspect is specified in the testimonies of witnesses,” she emphasized.

Rešidović also pressed the Court in answering the question of whether there are truly any grounds of suspicion for criminal prosecution of Orić, and whether or not these potential crimes have already been adjudicated.

Moreover, she said that there is no need for prohibitive measures since there is no fear that Orić will escape, nor influence any witnesses.

She added that Orić is free of all charges for crimes committed in Srebrenica and any surrounding villages – which also includes the village of Zalažje, according to the Hague Tribunal verdict – in the period from December, 1992 to March, 1993 during which he was the Srebrenica Commanding Officer.



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