The Peace March officially headed towards Srebrenica

This year, the Association of Citizens “Witnesses of Our Time” organizes the Peace March Sarajevo – Nezuk – Srebrenica, an eight-day long journey of more than 280 kilometers, which is made in memory of several thousand residents of Srebrenica when in July 1995 they crossed the road of almost 100 kilometers to find rescue in Tuzla.

People from all parts of BiH, as well as friends from Italy will participate. According to the plan, the participants will leave Sarajevo from today, stay on the mountains of Ozren, Ponijeri, Javorje, Jelovo hill and on Sunday, July 7th, will arrive in Nezuk to join the traditional March Nezuk – Potocari 2019.

One of March organizers, Muhamed Papic, told Fena earlier that the visit was organized in memory of the innocent murdered Srebrenica citizens, but also those from the places they would visit on that route.

“The goal is clear, and that is never to happen again and never happen to the people of Podrinje, but also to BiH. We also want to send a message that no sacrifice should never be and should not be forgotten,” he said.

Every year, several thousand people participate in the Peace March.

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