”The necessity of a Renaissance of the capital city”

December 3, 2012 8:35 AM

As Jakob Finci says, there are multiple ways for Sarajevo as the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina to move on. The first would be that the citizens of Sarajevo remain the most important factor in its improvement, regardless of the number of years they spent in this city.

” It is due time for the citizens of Sarajevo to unite and to bring down the walls between the ones we call the ”old citizens of Sarajevo” and the ” new citizens of Sarajevo”, between the ones who spent the war in Sarajevo and those who were not in Sarajevo during the war, but who came back. All of this should be taken into consideration, as well as our Diaspora people , who do live far away but still are present with their hearts in Sarajevo and in Bosnia and Herzegovina”- said Jakob Finci at the meeting of ” Krug 99”. He also added how the help of the Diaspora people would be more than welcome.

Finci emphasized the fact that Sarajevo is a capital in three ways. It is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the capital of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo Canton. Due to the fact that Sarajevo is a metropolis, Finci argues, that it should also be a metropolis of culture. On this note, Finci reminded the participants of the meeting about the institutions that exist in Sarajevo, but are unfortunately denied by the country. Finci elaborates further that the citizens should fight for further existence and development of these institutions, and instead of walls between all citizens, it is of crucial importance to create a harmonious environment and take common responsibility for the capital city of Sarajevo in order to make it better than it is today.


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