The most Innovative Museums in Europe gather at the EMYA Conference in Sarajevo

Every year the most innovative museums in Europe gather at the EMYA Conference and Awards Ceremony to showcase their work, to network, and to learn from each other. This is a unique opportunity for those who are planning to create a new museum or to renew an existing one, to learn about the latest developments in the public quality of museums.

This year more than 40 museums will present their work and discuss the following themes: Museums and big ideas; Museums engaging with local contexts; Museums and new approaches to art and culture; Museums of transport and technology; Museums and new narratives of history and identity; Museums and narratives of conflict and war; Museums and the environment; Museums presenting unique heritage; Museums and world history; and Museums and literature.

EMYA is delighted to announce that its annual conference will take place in one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. Over the past century Sarajevo has played a pivotal role in the history of the continent. In 1914, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand precipitated the First World War and marked the beginning of the 20th century for Europe. In 1984, the city hosted the Winter Olympic Games celebrating unity and diversity, two things that are at heart of Sarajevo’s identity. However, less than 10 years later, Sarajevo was under terrible siege for more than three years during the War of 1992 -1995. After the war ended, it was widely recognized as a symbol of life, love, and a place where European values were successfully defended.

Once known as the “European Jerusalem” for its religious diversity, Sarajevo began reinventing itself at the end of the War and the beginning of 21st century, striving to become a modern European metropolis. Today, this vibrant, dynamic city, with a rich and turbulent past, continues to inspire artists and researchers from across the world. The city welcomes visitors with its well-known charm. The city is one of the best places in Europe to discuss shared values and challenges, and to explore the future roles of museums in society. The conference will include evening receptions in some of the Sarajevo’s most interesting museums and an opportunity to explore the city.

This conference will also feature a Kenneth Hudson Prize Winners Panel – a panel of previous winners of this prize. The Kenneth Hudson Prize is awarded for the most daring and innovative achievement that challenges common perceptions of the role of museums in society.

(Photo: Fena)



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