The Mission “BIT CAMP 1” completed: 20 new Programmers employed in leading IT Companies in B&H

August 1, 2015 12:45 PM

BIT CAMP klix.baWhile fifty attendants of the second generation of the BIT CAMP are overcoming the object-oriented programming, twenty of their predecessors are successfully spending their first working days in the IT industry.

These young people with different life stories in previous education and work experience are bound by the decision to dedicate themselves to an intensive six-month training in order to become programmers and start their careers in the IT industry. A month after the end of the first cycle of the BIT CAMP, twenty students who have successfully completed the training were employed in the IT industry. For most of them, this is their first work experience in life.

One of the attendants of the first generation of the BIT CAMP Davor Stanković, since recently an employee of the company DevLogic, said he had always had an affinity for IT and that he always wanted to try his hand in this sector, but he did not have an opportunity before. He decided to study economics and today he believes that it was an absolutely wrong choice. In order to dedicate himself to the BIT CAMP, he resigned from the former workplace, and today he is pleased with the decisions he made: “It is not hard for me to get up in the morning and go to work, somehow I always do it with a smile. And no matter how strenuous the day is, I am pleased and happy, because I am doing what I love”.

The six-month journey was not easy, and the attendants were facing different challenges. Jesenko Gavric, who is an academic painter according to the formally acquired qualifications, said: “There were all kinds of days. I used to think that I missed the planet, not the address”. However, the dedication and commitment to the work have opened new perspectives and possibilities for them. Today, Jesenko is employed in the company Authority Partners and works in one of the most lucrative and promising activities in the country. About how happy he is with the experience in the BIT CAMP, Jesenko said: “In six months you learn so much, you have a great job that is never boring and where you can constantly improve. What more can one ask for?”

Our interlocutors said they first thought it was a marketing trick. They embarked on the adventure called the BIT CAMP, not knowing what to expect. Some have decided to quit the jobs they previously did, some were happy to have the opportunity to shorten the days at the bureau and some, disappointed by the results of formal education, decided to try their hand at a program that allows the change of career. They believed that the program of the BIT CAMP is not so intense, but they were soon convinced of the opposite.

“It is strange how you do not find it hateful to work all the time, sleep shortly, and same thing everyday”, said Davor.



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