The Mayor of Sarajevo and the Mayor of Graz agreed on Cooperation

July 18, 2013 4:04 PM

8786As part of the Inter-Religious Conference of Graz 2013, the Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić met today with the mayor of Graz Siegried Nagl.

The two mayors during the talks have expressed their willingness to intensify partnerships and cooperation in terms of culture, education and urban infrastructure.

Given the fact, that large number of students from Sarajevo and BiH are studying at the University of Graz, mayors Komšić and Nagl expressed their intention to make more concrete the cooperation between the two cities in this direction.

The Mayor Komšić confirmed the friendship between the two cities, and expressed confidence in the common future that will be characterized by the realization of projects for the benefits of the citizens of Sarajevo and Graz.

The mayor of Sarajevo in Graz will participate in the work of Inter-religious Conference 2013. The conference, held under the motto “Community Spirit”, aims to promote the deepening of inter-religious dialogue, promoting and strengthening of mutual understanding, recognition, tolerance, reconciliation and cooperation. Until 20th July, the Conference will focus on the peaceful coexistence of people of different cultures and religious communities in Graz and Europe.


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