The largest Convoy of Humanitarian Aid from BiH arrived to Turkish-Syrian Border

The largest convoy of humanitarian aid from Bosnia and Herzegovina sent by MFS-EMMAUS on April 17th arrived today in Reyhanlı, a town near the Turkish-Syrian border.

There are currently around 400 refugee camps along the Turkish – Syrian border where Syrian refugees depend on humanitarian aid.

Only in the Reyhanli area there are about 140,000 refugees and two camps, and in one of them there are up to 40,000 refugees. In the coming days, MFS-EMMAUS will, together with representatives of the United Nations, visit orphan homes, houses with Syrian families, and one of the largest ATMA refugee camps.

Over the last few years, MFS-EMMAUS has sent 53 freight vehicles with 1,280 tones of humanitarian aid, consisting of food and hygiene products. In addition to food products, three freight vehicles containers of clothing and footwear have been sent.

A convoy of about 600 tons of humanitarian aid traveled on April 17th from Doboj East in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Syria in column five hundred meters long.

This is by far the largest convoy of aid that the International Solidarity Forum – EMMAUS sent to the people of Syria and apparently, the largest convoy ever delivered from BiH to some of the countries in need.

People of Bosnia and Herzegovina showed their solidarity towards the people of the war affected Syria for the sixth time, and aid was collected in a very short period of time.

The MFS-EMMAUS organized humanitarian actions in cooperation with the Islamic Community in Tuzla, Zenica, Travnik and Mostar.

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