The First Pride Parade to take Place in Sarajevo in September

The first pride parade in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held on September 8th this year in Sarajevo.

As the organizers of this event stressed at press conference held in Sarajevo on Monday, BiH will, together with countries of the region organize the parade.

The initiative comes from 15 activists from Prijedor, Banja Luka, Sarajevo and other BiH cities.

Member of the Organizing Committee of Pride Parade Branko Culibrk points out that this event represents a protest against inequality and violation of human LGBT persons.

“The slogan of the parade will be “Ima izaci” “Someone wants to get out”, pointing out on a fight against violence and demands equal access to the public space as other BiH citizens,” said Culibrk.

A member of the Organizing Committee points out that the parade has proven to contribute to improving the lives of LGBT people, who are daily discriminated and that this is one of the most important events for them.

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