The first Case of Coronavirus Reinfection registered in Brcko

The head of the Department for Health and Other Services of the Government of the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Akif Pezerovic, said at the press conference on Wedensday that the first case of coronavirus reinfection was registered in the area of the District.

“This is the first recorded case where a person who was already positive for Covid-19 was cured and re-infected. It is a male person born in 1958 and the person is now hospitalized in the Department for Covid-19 at the Brcko hospital,” he said.

Anda Nikolic, the head of the Health Department, emphasized that a patient from the Brcko hospital was discharged with a negative test for coronavirus.

“The person was registered positive for coronavirus for the first time on August 27, then treated in a hospital in Brcko. After 14 days he was retested and the finding showed that he was negative and was discharged home with a good clinical picture. Afterwards, he again had symptoms , tested and the result showed that he is positive for Covid-19 again “, said Nikolic.

According to her, the patient currently has pleuropneumonia and it is a somewhat more difficult picture, the District Government announced.

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