The Festival of Foods and Drinks “Bosanska Sofra” will take Place in Lukavac

The Festival of Foods and Drinks “Bosanska Sofra” will be held in Lukavac, which traditionally brings together associations and groups of women from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, which represents one of the attractive contents of the 17th International Tourism and Ecology LIST.

Up to now, 20 associations have been present, and they are coming daily to express their interest in participating and presenting the traditional salty and sweet specialties.

On May 9th, guests and other visitors will have the opportunity to taste more than 600 meals and drinks.

“There will be popular specialties such as a Bosnian pot and burek or baklava, as well as a lot of rare food that our valuable housewives are preserving and transmitting the recipes of our mothers.

Bosnian cuisine or the traditional culinary culture of Bosnia represents the culinary art of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, built on the elements, in which a considerable color of the East has been introduced, and in certain elements, the interweaving of the East and the West.



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