The Emerald Color of Neretva River in an Amazing 4K Video

The famous Bosnian photographer Dzenad Dzino presented his incredible view of the Neretva canyon from the bird’s eye view or the green canyon, as he called it.

Fascinated by scenes in this part of our country, Dino has been promoting the beauty of BiH, that is why he is often referred to as ambassador of BiH.

“The Neretva canyon from Jablanica to Grabovica is perhaps the most interesting and most beautiful part of the road from Sarajevo to Mostar. The emerald color of the Neretva, the dominant rocks that rise high into the sky, all covered with lush vegetation, will simply leave you breathless, Dzino describes his video.

Dzino has spent his two days exploring the Neretva Canyon from Jablanica to Grabovica in a 4.5-minute video that delighted social network users, news portal reports.



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